How far I'll go (for food)

Today I drove 6.1 miles after work to get fish tacos especial from Rubio's. As I sat in my car, I thought about whether the trek would be worth it and all the time in my life I have traveled a (probably) unreasonable distance just for food or drinks.
  • Driving from UCLA (Westwood) to San Gabriel Valley (626) just to get Half & Half Teahouse Boba (23 miles one way) 
    • Back in senior year of college when I was very into yolo-ing and fulfilling my Asian-foodie destiny, I would drive friends all the way across Los Angeles just for the best milk tea in town. Half & Half had the glorious brown sugar honey boba which was far superior to any boba in the Westside. Looking back, it's ridiculous that I would spend over an hour [total] driving just for boba, but it was just so hyped up and it really is some of the best chewy pearls you can get on the planet.
  • Driving from Davis to Vacaville for Olive Garden (18.4 miles on way) 
    • I was on a budget in law school (and still paying for student loans), but really I'm enticed by UNLIMITED breadsticks with soup and salad for $5.99 so I went three times in one week. Was it worth driving over 100 miles? YES. 
  • Chicago Hilton to Sun Wah BBQ (CTA: 8-9 miles)
    • Even though Google says this only takes half an hour, I remember this ride being 45 min to an hour. I was skeptical taking public transit from downtown Chicago to a somewhat seedy-looking Little Saigon but oh my god this was the best Peking duck I've ever had (even after trying famous places in Beijing!)
These journeys have overall had a negative impact on my wallet and the environment, but have been a part of my pathway to Yelp Elite, spending time with friends, and making memories. I am now slightly more cognizant of how much I value my time and money relative to what I eat (and also lazier), but the satisfaction of getting a good deal and/or delicious food definitely outweighs any cost on gas and regret of being a homebody. (So the fish tacos were worth it and I will get 4 instead of 3 next Taco Tuesday). 


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