Why you should watch Coco

Pixar takes us into unbelievable worlds of living toys, monsters, and flying houses, yet their movies resonate with relatable characters experiencing a range of human emotions; and that is the secret to their movie magic. (If you can't tell yet, I'm a pretty big fan of Pixar, and if you know anyone who is able to give tours at the HQ in Emeryville plz plz plz ask for a tour and invite me).

Their newest film, Coco, keeps this magic and tradition alive by taking us into the world of the dead and Mexican customs while following the struggles of Miguel, who is torn between his passion for music and his music-hating family. While the animations are colorful and visually stunning, the themes of music, family, and culture really make this a memorable movie.

For Miguel, music is his passion, how he is able to communicate with others, and a tool to help him form his identity and grow his self-confidence. Pixar is a master at evoking emotions with music, and this is especially explored in depth with mariachi and guitar. Tied to music is the motif of memory; in Coco music plays an important role in keeping memories alive. While music may not be everyone's passion, we all have good and bad memories that we with associate with music, and it is something that enables people to connect with each other in a meaningful and empathetic way.

Coco tells the story of a Mexican family which is just like any family- the protective parents, the annoying cousins, the overbearing maternal figure, etc. Family is undeniably an important part of our identity, and Coco reminds us to treasure our family, even when it seems like they don't understand you.

Coco is abound with Spanish colloquialisms (I was shocked at the amount of times Miguel yelled "callate!")  and truly an eye-opening journey into the custom of Dia de los Muertos. Coco conveys the message that being exposed to new cultures helps us become more empathetic and provides a glance at how others see the world, and in rising times of intolerance we could all use a little more of global citizenry. Also, I was mega-craving churros after watching Coco and have yet to eat any.

Essentially, you should watch Coco if:
  • You need a reminder of why you should love your family
  • You get "the feels" from music
  • You like learning about different cultures


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