Why you should follow "Best, Isabella"

Assuming you are a millennial and enjoy reading witty material, Best, ISABELLA serves hot content from literally the funniest person I know. Isabella and I met at one of our very first law school events, were in the same section, and she has since been a source of inspiration. 

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Essentially, you should read her blog because-

Her posts are practical: 
Need advice on what to put on your resume? Check out Isabella's thoughts on the Skills & Interests section. 
Wondering what snacks to keep at your office desk? Here are the best 7 snacks to hoard at your desk.
Basically, Isabella is a better, more useful Buzzfeed without the sponsored bullshit. 

Her posts are hilarious:
Whether it's how to take a photo of a girl when she hands you her iphone, brunch with Chrissy Teigen, or a list of why LA drivers are honking at you, Isabella's posts contain a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm. We could all use a little more in our life!

I don't know any female Filipina as fierce as Isabella, and look forward to learning more about her new litigating law life in SF and laughing at 90% of her social media posts!


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