How many of these 100 spots in California have you visited?

Thanks to Facebook memories, I rediscovered this "list challenge" of iconic tourist attractions in California.

Back in 2013, I visited 56/100, which surprised me. I thought I'd have 70+ of these spots since I have spent essentially my entire life in California and my parents (mostly my travel-loving mom) have driven me around all over the state.

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A lot of the spots I hadn't been to were stadiums (my family was not very interested in sports), the Presidential museums, or small towns.

Skip forward to 2017, and I've visited 63/100. That averages to less than 2 new attractions per year since living in Northern California. Granted, this list is technically impossible because some attractions are gone, but this makes me question whether I am really visiting new places as much as I should be (but I also have the competing goal of traveling outside of CA as much as possible).

According to the website's stats, the average score is 47/100, and visiting 63/100 put me in the top 20% of people who took the quiz. I'm guessing most people who took the quiz live in CA or have spent at least a year in CA.

If I had to update this list, I'd take out Candlestick, the drive-thru tree, and maybe swap museums to include the Broad, and tack on 1-2 more beaches or hikes. Do you think this list accurately represents must-see spots in California? What would be on your must-see list in California? Will it inspire you to see more of California?

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